Corporate & Internet Security

Corporate security deals with the protection of content within the firewall, and ensuring that sensitive data and information remains secure, yet accessible by internal authorized users. Cascade works with internal IT and departments to setup Role Based security, often using Active Directory Security Groups, and frequently integrating AD security with application level security such as SharePoint, Lync and Exchange, or other industry specific web based or rich client based business tools. Cascade’s approach to a layered corporate security can enable IT departments to delegate authorization management to department heads, while maintaining a secure corporate wide authentication management through centralized Active Directory. Cascade can also help design and implement single-sign-on (SSO) systems to leverage user credentials across multiple applications.

Internet Security deals with access to systems from outside the corporate firewall, Cascade can help setup Virtual Private Networks (VPN) that can enable authorized workers to access their files and applications from home or while traveling. Cascade can also assist in setting up federated SSO systems that span multiple entities, using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) which can enable SSO, IM and Presence through Microsoft Lync across organizations with different domains, among other useful functions such as file/document transfer and integrated workflow.

Security is the basis for trusted business transactions, both within and outside the enterprise, and Cascade can help you meet your security needs effectively and efficiently.

Solution Description

Today’s corporate systems contain critical data pertaining to the business, financial, transactional, inventory, strategic, and communications data. Additionally many businesses are entrusted with their customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and have a strong responsibility to protect not only their own information, but that which is entrusted to them.

Many firms are turning to the open internet for transactions and information sharing, and need to have systems that can protect their users, yet still provide the flexibility for off premises work and B2B strategic communications and data sharing.

The National Broadband Plan estimates that 97% of small businesses use email and 74% have a company website. Businesses are more dependent on the Internet for their day-to-day operations than they have ever been. That should come as no surprise as the growing use of smart phones, tablets, and apps enables businesses and households to conduct more and more of their daily activities online.

Businesses are also now handling an array of sensitive information (e.g., customer data, financial records, and intellectual property) that warrants protection. Companies are finding the need to improve their defenses and resilience against cyber threats.

Cascade specializes in building secure corporate and online solutions leveraging LDAP and Active Directory (AD) for user authentication and authorization. We assist in AD schema design, backup and data redundancy as well as complex AD Schema extensions, and role based security leveraging AD Groups and Organizational Units plus Group Policy design and implementations. We also often design into our applications AD Group Policies, Kerberos and delegation between server tiers in complex multi V-LAN environments.

Cascade Technical Services provides highly secure solutions that multiple banks rely on for protection and reliability. CTS also provides secure cloud solutions that combined with their unique encrypted solutions and architecture, provides an all-encompassing package to meet your business’s needs.

Technologies Used

Cascade specializes in developing secure systems leveraging Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Cascade can help with complex AD Group Policies, Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and integrated AD Security with other backend systems. AD can be used as an authentication system for multiple business Platforms and Applications, and Cascade is expert at design and development of these integrated systems. Example technologies used:

  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Domain Controller (DC) Setup
  • Active Directory Schema Extensions
  • Kerberos Ticket based security systems
  • Split Authentication / Authorization hybrid system leveraging AD for user authentication (who you are) and SQL Server database or other platform or application based systems for Role Based user authorization (What you are authorized to see and do) security systems.
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Public Key / Private Key Authentication
  • Certificates and Certificate management (such as SSL Certificates for secure websites and web services)
  • Encryption and Decryption systems including MD5, symmetric and one-way-hash systems for encrypting data in database, and storing passwords securely on mobile devices

Success Stories

Cascade has built security systems into almost every system we’ve designed, often leveraging the existing infrastructure of our clients for authentication. Example projects include the development and deployment of a Universal Access Management (UAM) system that enabled a central federal reserve bank to delegate security to its over 400 member banks for online transactions and treasury operations. The system allowed member bank administrators to setup loan officers and grant authorized users explicit role based privileges based on their authorization levels. Other examples include developing role based security systems for a new product introduction system at a large sports equipment manufacturer which allowed engineers and marketing resources to have different levels of access at different times in the new product introduction cycle.

Next Steps

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